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GG Fan
You may be wondering why I'm dressed like a potato.

I'm finally 20 years old! It feels nice to not be a teenager anymore :)

One more year left until I can legally buy alcoholic drinks now.

By the way, I'm up so late from playing Puzzle Pirates for...about 7.5 hours. Wow. Good thing there's no school today!

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Oh, I love listening to German music!

People think this language is so harsh and aggressive, but let me tell ya: you're wrong. I am glad I'm minoring in German. What a great language. Anyone fluent in German is sexy in my book ;)

Alright, I'm listening to Rammstein, and I know this isn't the most *beautiful* German, but it's still great. I'm really getting into my German poetry class. Now, when I go into class, my brain goes automatically into ueber-German mode. It's funny how I can understand what the professor is saying and I don't even have to translate it into English in my head anymore.

Jetzt schreibe ich etwas Deutsches. Ach, ich hoere gern deutsche Musik, besonders Rammstein und Hebert Groenemeyer. Bald muss ich spazieren gehen, weil ich meine Freundin treffen muss. Ich hasse das kalte Wetter und ich vermisse meine Heimstadt. Ich werde um 6.Mai nach Hause gehen! Ich bin sehr glueklich. Ich vermisse South Carolina sehr viel :(

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I watch a lot of trashy daytime talk shows. One thing I'm sick of seeing on TV is double standards when it comes to sex. For instance, whenever Maury has shows dedicated to paternity testing, the potential fathers are always 100% sure they're not the father and they almost always accuse the girls of being whores and sleeping with everyone else.

I just hate it that these guys have slept with just as many people as these girls, and yet the girls are the whores. I'm not saying that sleeping with a large amount of people is right, but why does it have to be such a double standard? Guys treat other guys who sleep around with respect (usually) while also treating promiscuous girls like trash.

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Well, because I was bored last night, I snapped some pics of me wearing my fav shirt. Enjoy!

I am such a dorkCollapse )

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By the way, this weekend I finally told Mom how old my boyfriend is. She actually took it very well. I was surprised. She was happy for me :)

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So, my boyfriend just told me that now, the forced double date with his brother and his girlfriend is going to be on Valentine's Day. Great. Now my day is going to be ruined.

Here are my options:

1. Pretend that I like Jon: this option is unlikely, because it's hard for me to pretend that I like someone who I *really* dislike. I can pretend I like people who I don't know or who I have something small against, but not someone I dislike really intensely. If I can pull this off, it will take a lot of fake smiling and laughing, both of which I won't feel like doing. Hell, I'm even frowning just *thinking* about having to see Jon. He's such a selfish prick. But, if I act like I like him, my boyfriend will be happy, which makes me happy.

2. Don't speak unless spoken too: also known as "The Silent Treatment". This option is pretty likely. I'm used to not saying more than I have to. Also, I have the funny habit of not talking around people I don't like. It's not because I try to avoid talking to them (well, maybe just a little), but rather I just have nothing to say. I zone out and hide inside my head, and don't come out till they're gone. As long as I have something to manipulate with my hands, I'm all set for a couple hours. This "talent" goes back to when I was forced to go to a million sporting events my brothers participated in. I would end up in the corner of the bleachers or some dirt and just play by myself for 3-4 hours. (Sorry, that was totally off topic.) Anyway, the problem with this plan is that if I don't talk, there is the possibility that Dave won't be too happy. However, that shouldn't last long. He can never stay too mad at me, especially not when I give him the "cute" face. Hehe.

3. Tell Jon why I dislike him so much: it is extremely unlikely that I will go this route. I would rather just not talk to him than to list all the reasons why I don't like talking to him. Plus, anything I say will get repeated to his mother, and that will definitely have bad consequences. The last thing I want is to be yelled at by his mother because he's tattled on me again. However, I will pursue this option if Jon pushes me past my breaking point. If he badmouths his father or grandmother, I'll be very pissed off. This is why I'm trying to stick with option two, because if I zone out, I won't have to listen to him talk.

So, those are my options. Obviously, my boyfriend wants me to do number one, but I think I'm sticking to number two. If I make this date ackward, that should take care of any future double dates. I just have to find a nice in-between so that I don't have to be around Jon ever again, yet my boyfriend will still be happy.

I wouldn't dislike him as much if he didn't run off and tattle to his mother everytime something didn't go his way. What a yutz.

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OMFG...I've been playing the same game for about five hours. I just quit and I caught a look at myself in the mirror. Wow. My eyes are so bloodshot and my hair is messy.

In case you're wondering, I've been playing Puzzle Pirates. It's so fucking addictive. I was pillaging on the high seas and...oh it was a mess. Suffice it to say that I was in about 10-15 swordfights. Man, are my eyes sore.

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Well, I'm bored again, so here's a new icon. Enjoy!

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Stupid things that I've seen today include:

*A guy on Maury with the name "LaFreedom"

*A flyer advertising the protest of KFC a.k.a. "Kentucky Fried Cruelty"
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Last night, Dave and I went out to dinner with his Grandma and Dad. I had a great time. I love being around them because they're the only family members of his that really make me happy. They tell jokes and they aren't crazy (in the bad way, anyway). His grandma is so awesome--she's in her 90's but she's still a feisty old lady.

Anyway, I ate too much stuffed shrimp, and on the ride home, my stomach was hurting. It was an hour ride, so I was suffering. When Dave and I got back to his place, he opened the door and as I was getting to the foot of the stairs, I hear Jon's familiar voice say "Hi" and so I mumbled a hello back while I was running upstairs to the bathroom. Dave stayed downstairs a few minutes to talk to Jon and his girlfriend. I asked him what he said, and he told them that we're going to double date with them next Sunday. Then Jon said, "Oh, so now Mary will be *forced* to talk to us?"

Yes, you mommy's boy. I am being forced to go out with you and your girlfriend. I am not looking forward to it.

Right now, I'm not on speaking terms with Jon. This morning, Dave got a call from his mother. He told her he didn't have much time to talk. She asked him how things between Jon and me were because apparently Jon told her I didn't say "Hi" to him or Sarah last night.

Big fucking deal. I *did* say hello, but I was in a bit of a rush.

ARGH I just hate this crap. He's such a tattletale. Did I mention that Jon is 28 years old?? I can't believe that someone would tell his mother that someone else didn't say hello to them. This is why I've decided to avoid Jon and not say hello to him or speak to him unless he says something to me first. If he asks what my problem is, I'll tell him that I don't want to talk to him because of the way he treats his dad. I consider his dad to be one of my friends, and I'm not going to sit still while his own son talks shit about him. He can kiss my ass.

By the way, he hates his dad so much, he had his last name legally changed to his mom's maiden name. (If it were possible, I think he would have his lips surgically fused to his mother's nipple.) Also, last weekend, Dave had invited his dad over for a Super Bowl party. Jon wasn't going to be there, but when Dave told him that Dad was coming over, Jon actually screamed and cried and got red in the face. What a fucking cry-baby momma's boy.

We'll see how the double date goes on Sunday. It wasn't my suggestion, obviously. I would not mind it at all if Jon and his mom never talked to me again. They're such a burden on me mentally. When I'm around them, it hurts my brain.

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